Presentation Designer, Planner, Researcher, and Copy Editor are Elise’s tags in the workplace, and they reflect her strengths and skills.


After gaining ​practical work​ experience in global corporations ​the real-world,​ ​Elise has developed an expert hands-on knowledge of​ in public relations and advertising. Spending two years at DePaul, Chicago​, to get a Master of Arts degree in the U.S. would be a boost on her career path​. ​Her work and education equipped her ​with a comprehensive understanding of the business, as a whole, ​making her ​a better leader, ​ready to support global brands in the cross-cultural and visual communication needs.  She is expecting to receive her Master of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising degree in November 2019.


She thrives when she works in a fast-paced environment with diverse teams and when she plays different roles solving difficult problems.  She is fluent in Chinese, both Cantonese and Mandarin, as well as being an excellent English speaker and writer.


Skills: Data analysis, visual presentation, data visualization, creative process, branding, strategic planning, event planning, and executive management.



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